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    Understanding different nose and impact on beauty

    Understanding different nose and impact on beauty


    Understanding different and effective nose in beauty

    Always beautiful is goddess, but it’s all about encouraging you to go along with different nose and beauty in the wetland site.

    The nose of the people is divided into several items in terms of their appearance and appearance, which can be customized to their particular types.

    Flat nose
    If you have a nasal bed, your nasal bridge looks flat or uncertain. To specify it or to create the illusion that your nose has a bony and shaved structure, draw two straight lines on either side of the nose bridge using the Cantor shadow.

    Triangular nose
    Triangular nose in the area of ​​the nasal holes is wider than the nose. To create a balance, just nose tip and make use of the highlighter for the inner corners of your eyebrows.

    In these types of nose, the line that comes down from the eyebrows to the lower lip is not flat and slightly tilted. To correct this form, use a contour shadow to draw a flat line on both sides of the nose bridge and use the middle section of the highlighter.

    Bulbous nose
    If your nose is bulbous (with narrow bridges and wide holes), get the uppermost part and lower part of your nose, and use a highlighter in the center of the nose bridge.

    Irregular or unusual nose
    These types of nose often have a small dent on one side of the center of the bridge of the nose. To fix this part of the highlighter, modify any unusual and irregular shadows.

    Heavy nose
    This form of the forehead or eyebrow nose is highlighted or heavy, and creates a shadow over the bridge of the nose. Use your triangular-shaped hi-fi between your eyebrows to visually visualize this area as if it had been drawn upwards.

    Narrow nose
    the narrow bridge of the bridge is thin and thin. Using the highlighter in two straight lines on both sides of the nose bridge, increase the thickness slightly.

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