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    GT car ATS Italy company

    GT car ATS Italy company

    GT car

    Supercar ATS GT

    The ATS automobile company in Italy has launched a car that has made 12 of them. GT has unveiled its latest supercar in the Saloon Peru Motor Show in the UK. Sometimes interested in supercars can not buy McLaren P1 or LaForrari at prices over $ 1 million, as the sales capacity of such products has been completed.

    Such people, if they have enough money, can buy a new Italian supercar. 53 years after ATS stopped making road vehicles, it now targets a market for road vehicles, with a GT-based superstort called GT. The newcomer in the modern superstructure field will only make 12 units of this latest product, each of which is likely to cost around $ 1,150,000.

    A similar to the ATS GT was recently featured in the Saloon Pario Car Show after the release of several teasers. The power of the ATS GT Super Supercar is transmitted through a 8-speed, 3.8-liter turbocharged eight-cylinder turbocharged eight-speed, two-clutch gearbox. The turbo V8 twin engine builds up 650 horsepower in the standard model, while with an optional option, it will have a power of 700 hp.

    GT car ATS Italy company

    The ATS GT with a net weight of 1,300 kg (2866 lbs), at a speed of about 60 seconds per hour, is “96 kilometers per hour,” about 3 seconds, while it can reach “120 miles per hour” at 193 kilometers per hour in 9.9 seconds. . The top speed of this supercar will be “329 km / h” over 205 mph. This supercar, inspired by the original model, ATS 2500 GT, was first made in 1963.

    Although the Supercraft GT is limited to just 12 units, the company says it will build a more powerful model, called the R-Series, with a power of 800 horsepower 596 kW next month, while the R-model is still not available. ATS GT Supercar Above all this performance, the GT comes with carbon fiber brake with features like 20-inch wheels on the front and 21-inch rear wheels. Like the McLaren P1 supercar, this product also has a pneumatic brake to increase machine stopping power.

    The limited number of companies will make only 12 super sports ATS GT devices, each of which will cost one million and fifty thousand dollars.

    It employs a 3.8-liter, 8-cylinder Turbo Turbo with 650 horsepower, powered by a 8-speed, two-clutch automatic transmission, to give the driver a 3-second acceleration and a top speed of 330 km / h.

    GT car ATS Italy company

    GT car ATS Italy company

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