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    10 Knowing about the nails

    10 Knowing about the nails

    There are a lot of knowledge about nails that many of us do not know. Because we know only the nails for the beauty of your fingers and toe, but there are so many other things! If you’d like to know more about nails, go along with 10 knowing nails with the “TimesDeli

    10 Knowing about the nails

    Fashion nail 11 . Hand nails grow faster than leg nails. Hand nails grow on average 3.5 mm per month and leg nails grow to 1.6 mm per month.

    2 . The temperature affects the growth of the nails. Nails grow faster in the summer and in the heat, and slower in the winter.

    3 . All parts of our body sweat due to sweat glands, but nails lack sweat glands, they do not sweat.

    4 . White dots on the nails can be due to lack of calcium, zinc, vitamins, as well as physical stress and physical damage to the nails.

    5 . Men’s nails grow faster than women’s nails, and it’s only during pregnancy that women’s nails grow faster than ever.

    6 . Nails and hair are made from a substance called creatine.

    7 . Chewing nails are a nerve habit and most people leave this habit until they age 30.

    8 . Lacquering too much causes the nails to not breathe and thus become dry and brittle.

    9 . The level of stress in you can inhibit nail growth. Not having a proper sleep, because of stress, removes energy and nutrients from your nails and weakens the nails.

    10 . The middle finger nail grows faster and the thumb nail grows ever slower.

    10 Knowing about the nails

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